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Hey everyone!

So, in my last post (which was locked to the LJ RPers on my flist, since it didn't concern many of you. XD;), I made a pretty rash judgment while extremely upset. And while most of my issues are pretty real, quitting RPing won't solve them. In fact, upon reflection, I realized that quitting would make me MORE miserable. And so, as a tribute to the wacky, crazy place I tend to call home every once in a while, I made a fanmix.

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[Senior Thesis] The Valkyries

Hello gracious members of the internet!

Serey's in her final year of college as a studio art major. Serey wants to graduate with honors, very much. Help Serey out with her thesis please? :D;;;

My project is a series of dressforms that address gender identity and how we as people view ourselves in relation to gender. Do you see your gender stereotypes as a constant burden? Or do you overcome those somehow? Does your gender add to your identity, subtract from it, or is it just neutral? You don't have to answer these questions specifically. Just write whatever comes to mind. Use this as catharsis if necessary, or a personal exercise. BUT BE WARNED, IF THINGS HEAD IN A DIRECTION I DO NOT LIKE (i.e.: arguments that are derogatory towards another person's opinion, things that are just hurtful and not constructive), I WILL LOCK THE THREAD AND TURN ON SCREENED COMMENTS. DO NOT THINK I WON'T. That being said, if there is something you'd like to tell me, but don't feel comfortable posting it, please let me know and I can give you a place to email your piece. :3

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And that's that! With the theme and general outline in mind, go crazy! Post with your journal, RP journal, Anonymously, whatever! I'm really excited to see what you guys have to say!
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I am so fucking glad I took Ba Gua last semester.

Okay, so, I woke up around 10 when i_am_confusion called me accidentally--she meant to call her sister. I figured, eh, I'll wake up and try putting my retainers back in. No one was in the house, so I got dressed, brushed my teeth, the whole nine yards. Around 10:30, I got in the car to go pick up magi_sammy. But as I got closer to the school, I started realizing that everyone was staggering around funny. Fortunately it was everyone (not just the men, thank God), so I figured that it was just another manic Wednesday, 9 to 5, that whole deal.

But DUDE, when they started trying to get into my car, I hit the gas as fast as I could. I must have been doing 80 down Corbin. I tried to calm down as best I could, but, I mean, friggin' zombies just attacked my car.

I pulled up and luckily, magi_sammy was beating the last few zombified freshman off her with a locker-door. She jumped in the car and we drove like gas was going out of style.

A couple hours in the car arguing about what to do, daoutlaw called me to make sure magi_sammy and I were all right. I can't say the same for him--apparently he totaled a truck and was heading for a bar of some kind. Just then, I noticed that the car was running low on gas. magi_sammy and I leaped out of the car and barricaded ourselves in JoAnn's. If I was going to die, it was going to be in the satin aisle.

As magi_sammy and I ran through the store, we grabbed whatever garden decoration we could use to fight off the impending horde. I made a brief call to the 'rents, who were on their way with a freshly gassed getaway car. The zombies finally cornered us in the beads. magi_sammy chucked as many strings of beads at the encroaching group of employees, while I decided that the time had come to use self-defense.

Thank God Ba Gua is meant for multiple opponents, that's all I have to say. Soon, all of the zombies were eating linoleum, and magi_sammy and I were running out the doors (me with a nifty clasp for my Malu cape~ if the world lives to see AX, that is...).

We returned home, grabbed a few things, and are currently holed up in what could possibly be the only hotel left with wireless. Dad's gone out to buy a couple pieces--I hope he gets back soon. I haven't even called chiyo_no_hikari, lokiohtara, starry_nyte, blindcreator, i_am_confusion, lostcatboy, or murasaki_kaze yet. I hope they're all okay.

Dammit, I should have made myself Resident Evil cosplay...
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One more character joins us!

So, I've recently joined a great group of people in playing BeSM. For those of you who don't know what that is, Big eyes, Small Mouth is an Anime tabletop RPG that focuses more on storytelling rather than combat. This is the first game of this nature that I've played, and thus, the first character I've created. And what do I do when I have a character boys and girls? That's right! I write 20 page stories! ^^;;

And so, under the cut is Rosalind/Ariel's backstory. And no, I didn't write this after my bike accident, that is an irony completely unto itself. -_-;;

WARNING: This story is 14 pages in 12-point Times New Roman in Word. Don't read this if you have four minutes and are expecting three paragraphs. XD

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Okay, you NEED to do this. Go to and click on the little video towards the bottom. The first part is an ad for AX06, but then it goes to a part about AX05. Watch closely. Towards the end of the video, you will see a hideous white dress and people around it at the Masquerade Ball. Sound familiar? XD
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